7 Healthy Eating Tips for Endomorph

7 Healthy Eating Tips for Endomorph
An endomorph is categorised by a body shape that has a stocky build and a prominent abdomen. Endomorphs have the slowest metabolism of all the body types. The endomorph body type gains fat a lot easier and a lot quicker than other people. Under normal conditions the endormorphic individual has a great deal of body fat, but he is not simply a fat person; if starved, he remains an endomorph, only thinner. In order to lose body fat and avoid gaining weight, endomorphs need to be extremely strict with their diet and exercise.

It is not hard to set Endomorph diet. There is only one condition; you want to try!
1. Eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Not only because of anti-oxidant content is high, both types of these foods have been shown to reduce some risk of disease, like cancer and heart disease.
2. An Endomorph's diet should consist of foods that are high in complex carbohydrates, low in fat, and high in protein. Select foods that contain wheat as carbohydrate intake in the daily menu because of the low-fat and high in fiber. For example, for lovers of rice, replace white rice with brown rice. Or exchange your white bread with wheat bread.
3. Avoid reducing the daily rations, such as not eating breakfast or dinner. A hungry stomach will only make you hooked to eat more.
4. Reduce salt intake by cutting eating habits of fast food / junk food.
5. Control your food portions. Remember, small portions but often better than eating large portions of two or three times a day. Balance your food intake with the activities you do in a day. If you get hungry, try a glass of water first and give it time toreach your stomach.
6. Do not be too submissive to one type of diet. Try to vary your menu schedule in a week. Wean yourself onto high protein foods and complex carbs instead. Endomorphs tend to be more carb sensitive than mesomorphs or ectomorphs.
7. Familiarize yourself to exercise. With a lot of movement and activities will make it easier to control your appetite. Endomorphs will need to do more cardio to see significant fat loss. 5-6 sessions of cardio per week is recommended, for 20-30 minutes at a time.
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Anonymous said...

Endomorphs are usually carb sensitive. They should focus more on a high fat / moderate protein / very low carb diet. This diet will insure their insulin is at it's best and maximize their fat burning and muscle building ability.

Jimmy said...

I think i am an endomorph. And those are useful tips for people like me. After reading the post, especially tips number four is what i am gonna do intensely. Thank you!

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