Pistachios Healthy Nuts for Heart, reducing LDL cholesterol levels

Pistachios Healthy Nuts for Heart, reducing LDL cholesterol levels
Yeah, you are probably already aware of the fact that certain nuts are high in calories, having lots of protein, fiber, vitamins, nutrients, healthy monounsaturated fats, and antioxidants.

What about Pistachio?
If you like pistachios nuts. That's good. Most of the fat in pistachios is unsaturated fat which is good for health. According to researchers and studies, eating one to two handfuls of pistachios may lower your LDL (low-density lipoprotein) also known as "bad cholesterol", reduce cardiovascular risk, and more effective in preventing heart disease when they replace saturated fats in the diet.

Pistachios are a naturally cholesterol-free snack that are very low in saturated fat, have the same amount of dietary fiber as a orange or apple, and are a great source of protein. Of all snack nuts, pistachios offer the highest level of phytosterols. Both can reduce the absorption of cholesterol from the diet. Phytosterols are compounds that are known to have some slight anti-cancer properties. Per serving, pistachios also have more antioxidants than green tea.

About Pistachios Nuts as Food
+ The pistachio is the seed fruit of Pistacia vera, originating in Persia. The original homelands of the pistachio were Iran, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and western Afghanistan.
+ Pistachios were introduced to the U.S. in the late 1890's, brought by a former Syrian immigrant who was a nut salesman.
+ The fruit has a hard, whitish exterior shell. The seed has a mauvish skin and light green flesh, with a distinctive flavor.
+ Pistachios are cultivated as a commercial crop in many countries. Iran and the United States are the two largest growers of pistachio nuts in the world.

In July 2003, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first qualified health claim specific to nuts lowering the risk of heart disease: "Scientific evidence suggests but does not prove that eating 1.5 ounces (42.5g) per day of most nuts, such as pistachios, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease".

Calories in Pistachio Nuts:

1 oz/28.3g = 170 calories

1-ounce servings pistachios nutrition facts:
+ A one-ounce serving pistachios contains more than 10% of the Daily Value of essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B6, thiamin, phosphorus, magnesium, and copper.
+ A one-ounce serving of pistachios equals 49 nuts - more per serving than any other snack nut.
+ A one-ounce serving of pistachios has as much potassium as half a large banana making it a nutritious snack choice or ingredient to incorporate into your daily diet.
+ A one-ounce of pistachios nuts contains 10% of an adult's needed daily intake of protein.
+ A one-ounce of pistachios nut contains 310 mg of potassium, as much as one orange.
+ A one-ounce of pistachio nuts contains 6 grams of protein.

1. Pistachios are the richest source of potassium of all the nut family. Potassium works with sodium to maintain the body's water balance. The recommended daily potassium intake is 4.7 grams a day.2. Pistachio nuts contacin vitamin E, which is good for the immune system and alleviates fatigue. Vitamin E also promotes healthy cells and tissues and, as an antioxidant to prevent cancer/heart disease.
3. Pistachios are rich in phytosterols which are known as anticancer dietary components.
4. With the potassium, magnesium, and calcium in the pisctahio nuts, it's able to help you lower blood pressure, lowering the risk of developing hypertension.
5. Last but not least, Pistachios are healthy nuts for your heart. Another way to prevent heart disease is exercise, a diet plan, physical activities, et cetera.
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