8 Tips on Healthy Foods - Eating More Fruits and Vegetables

8 Tips on Healthy Foods - Eating More Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits and veggies in your diet have many positive effects upon health. Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals and other substances that can improve your health and even prevent disease. According to researchers and studies, people who eat a lot of fruit and vegetables may have a lower risk of chronic disease, such as heart disease, stroke, and some cancers. Eating more fruits and vegies also helps maintain a healthy weight. It's recommended that fruit and vegetables form the basis of your diet, with a minimum intake of five portions each day - about a third of your daily food consumption.

In case you are among those who feel less eating fruits and vegetables. Try the following tips.
1. Make fruit as a snack. Forget the fattening snacks, replace with your favorite fruit.
2. Always have a bowl of vegetables in the lunch menu and dinner.
3. Get used to drinking a half glass of 100% pure, unsweetened fruit juice every morning. Orange juice can be the best choice for you. Juice raw vegetables such as carrot, tomato and cucumber for a quick and refreshing drink.
4. Expand the menu that use vegetables. Salads are quick to make.
5. After dinner, try to close it with fruit. You can choose either fresh fruit or fruit juice.
6. Make sure there are fruits and vegetables on top of the list when you shop at the supermarket. Markets also tend to be cheaper than supermarkets, particularly if you catch them when they packing up for the day.
7. Do not buy the same fruits every time you shop. This is to prevent from getting bored on a particular fruit. You can choose fresh fruit and vegetables in season, not only are they cheaper they will also be most flavoursome and at their best.
8. Do not forget to store vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator for daily supplies.
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