Celery Herbal Medicine to Cure High Blood Pressure

Celery Herbal Medicine to Cure High Blood Pressure
Celery has a beneficial effect in lowering high blood pressure among hypertensive people. Consuming celery on a regular basis can control high blood pressure and eliminate the use of drugs. For individuals who have blood pressure which is only mildly or moderately high, the eating of celery may be all that is needed to reduce it to normal levels.

About Celery
Celery (Apium graveolens) is a plant species in the family Apiaceae commonly known as celery (var. dulce) or celeriac (var. rapaceum) depending on whether the petioles (stalks) or roots are eaten. Celery consists of long, slender green stalks that surround a pale green central heart, all joined at the bulbous base. Crisp, fresh raw celery enlivens salads and snacks, while cooked celery adds delicate texture to soups, stews, and stocks. The ribs of celery are crunchy and are often used to make soup or salad. The leaves, trimmed from the stalks, can be reserved to flavor stocks.

Celery Nutrition
Celery provides vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It is a very good source of vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, and vitamins B1 and B6. Other than potassium and other ingredients, celery was noted to have a compound known as "phthalide" that releases its unique taste and aroma. Phthalide allows the smooth muscles of the arterial vessel walls to relax and let the blood to flow in without difficulty. Celery or Apium graveolens seeds contain 3-n-butyl­phthalide, which is well known for its Anti Hypertensive properties. 3nb also lowers the level of stress hormones called catacholamines. phthalide lessens the manufacture of catecholamine, a stress hormone, by blocking the action of tyrosine hydroxylase enzyme. The latter enzyme is a component of stress hormones that causes constriction of the blood vessels resulting to blood flow restrictions.

Celery contains a naturally occurring chemical called "apigenin" which has been shown to dilate the blood vessels and contribute to preventing high blood pressure. Apigenin affects the blood pressure levels by means of dilating blood vessels. Celery also helps the kidney an acts an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. The polyacetylene in celery is an amazing relief for all inflammation like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, asthma and bronchitis.

Celery and hypertension
Research indicates celery contains blood pressure reducing properties mainly because of the high calcium content. Even though celery contains more sodium than most other vegetables, the sodium is offset by it's high levels of potassium. Celery contains 341 milligrams potassium and 125 milligrams sodium per 100 gram serving. Any food with a ratio of at least three parts potassium to one part sodium is good for people with high blood pressure. In the body, the ratio between potassium and sodium is more than two to one. It`s ratio is 1 part sodium to 3 parts potassium making it a perfect diuretic. Natural sources of potassium help the heart and is beneficial for patients with high blood pressure.

Health Benefits of Celery
+ significantly lower Hypertension
+ it`s role as a diuretic (water removing)
+ high in flavonoids (have anti-oxidant properties)
+ lower the level of stress hormones
+ it is also used in aromatherapy
+ give the effect of calmness
+ benefit people with nervous disorders and insomnia
+ clears uric acid from painful joints
+ may help the treatment of arthritis and rheumatic problems
+ it's also good for dizziness, headache, reddish face
+ Vit C found in celery helps to support the immune system

Cons of Celery
+ Avoid celery if you have low blood pressure!
+ Although it's low in sodium. Avoid taking large doses because of the high salt content of celery.
+ may provoke the most severe allergic reactions; for people with celery allergy, exposure can cause potentially fatal anaphylactic shock.

Celery Recipes for Hypertension
+ To reduce high blood pressure, you can eat celery raw or place the celery into the boiling water for approximately 2 minutes.
+ The ideal recommendation for high blood pressure is not more than four sticks of celery a day.
+ You can blend celery with tomato juice, another vegetable high in potassium and known to help reduce high blood pressure.

In addition to Celery, there are several ways to prevent high blood pressure (Hypertension), Read more: How To Lower High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) Naturally
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